Red Dot Auto provides following services:

* Red Dot Auto charges a one time flat fee for handling all the paperwork. This fee is only payable when you finalize your purchase of your choice vehicle.

Rental of Vehicle

We provide very competitive quotes for various rental vehicles.

Renting a vehicle in Singapore will make more sense if you are based in Singapore for approximately 12 months and below. Your choice rental is subjected to passing a government inspection test (MOT) and Red Dot Auto will provide GPS / Satellite Navigation at no extra cost.

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Thank you very much for the consultancy work you rendered to us recently on the automotive project. Your quick response to our requests and the many hours you put in on the tests are very much appreciated and I can tell you that my colleagues were also very grateful for your professionalism and hard work. We will certainly be using your services again.

S P Quek, Chairman
China Auto Corporation Ltd