Greetings and Welcome to Red Dot Auto!

Here at Red Dot Auto we are experienced and very specialized in what we do.

We understand the difficulty faced by foreigners and expatriates when they move to another country. We have been in your shoes as one of our shareholders spent 3 years overseas. He was at a complete loss on where to begin in regards to buying a car when he arrived. It was very fortunate that he had a friendly relative to help him out by providing valuable information on the local car market and the places to avoid.

In Singapore the complexities are markedly increased. Due to Singapore's limited land space, this island state has established controls and other measures to curb car ownerships and yet, ironically, neither its hot, humid climate nor its public transport system offers a more efficient and comfortable alternative. Certainly for most people, and absolutely for expat families unfamiliar with public transport, a modest, money-for-value, car ownership is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Let Red Dot Auto assist and guide you to attaining your motoring requirements in Singapore. Be it either a RENT , a SELL or a BUY, Red Dot Auto can help you make a better decision today !

Thank you very much for the Toyota Camry you purchased for my company recently. The car is in excellent shape and the price was very reasonable. I am informed you checked out several cars for us before finally recommending the Camry, many thanks for the great work.


R. Rai, Managing Director
Acot Holdings Pte Ltd